The lowdown on high density patch panels

High density patch panels are a highly effective way to increase the number of fibre connections within your rack. In today’s environment with the demand placed on data centres and telecommunications networks by their customers, density is more important than ever.

There are many advantages to using high density patch panels. Let’s take a look at some of them now.

Space saving

Introducing a high density patch panel (or several) is one of the best space-saving solutions you can find. By increasing port density you’re able to fit more cables without increasing your space requirements.

Higher port density

In 1RU of rack space, the high density patch panel can help you to double your port density without needing to rip everything out and replace all of your existing infrastructure. And considering rack space is a key issue for the majority of data centre operators, high density patch panels can be very handy for upgrades and helping your business to grow.


With a short fibre patch panel running from your network switch, you can easily deploy cabling to your high density patch panels without the need of long jumpers that run across the room, overhead or underneath flooring.


Especially when it comes to 40G/100G networks, high density patch panels are highly cost-effective. And, since the modular plug-and-play cassettes can be altered as required to suit different networking needs, when implemented correctly they solve congestion issues.


Each high density patch panel allows for network reconfigurations to suit the modular cassette system required while connecting to various generations of your equipment—from 10G to 100G. This makes it a wonderfully adaptable and adjustable solution.

Simple installation

The installation of high density patch panels doesn’t require an tools making them quick and easy to install.

As you can see, high density patch panels are becoming more and more vital. Codecom have taken a very unique approach to these panels by eradicating any moving parts, this minimises operational risk. Check out our range of high density patch panels here or get in touch for more information.