Structured cabling solution considerations

When it comes to structured cabling for your business, one thing you don’t want to do is cut corners. Considering the cabling is the linchpin of telecommunications and data-based businesses, investing in forward-thinking structured cabling solutions will allow your business to scale to meet future demands. Here are some of the key considerations when planning and implementing structured cabling solutions int your business.

Think long term

Data is one of the fastest growing industries so if you’re not planning for growth, you’re only hurting your business potential. Save yourself the time and future resources by building in scalable structured cabling solutions upfront.

Types of structured cabling solutions

What you choose to use in your business will be dependent on various factors but let’s quickly review the most common types used.


Considered to be one of the securest structured cabling solutions, fibre cables consist of light which allows for the seamless and uninterrupted carrying of signals over longer distances. As fibre cabling has become a more popular choice over the years, the costs associated with this superior cabling solution have come down, making them more accessible to more businesses.

Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP)

UTP cabling supports both data and voice applications so it’s a widely used structured cabling solution across the industry. Comprised of insulated copper wires which are twisted around each other so as to decrease electromagnetic induction and crosstalk, they are often used where lower bandwidth needs are required or as legacy equipment.

Which is best for you?

The best structured cabling solution for your business will depend entirely on your unique requirements. Are you mostly a data centre? Do you offer telecommunications? Do you have any scope of future growth and development? These are the questions to consider when looking at implementing new structured cabling solutions—and if you have no idea they’re questions we can help you to answer!

Want to learn more about which structured cabling solution is right for your data centre? We’ve compiled a list to help guide you.

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