Codecom Cross Connect – CCX

The Codecom Cross Connect – CCX was developed when one of our major global customers came to us wanting a better solution. Most similar products on the market at the time had the same problem—moving parts. The brief from our client was to develop a Cross Connect frame which focused on the following:

  • Low risk/no moving parts
  • Flexible (Splice and MPO functions)
  • Slim line footprint (300mm/11.8 inches/half a floor tile)
  • The ability to have these mounted back to back
  • Each 45RU rack housing 2000+ fibres

We took these specifications and went to work. And thus, the Codecom Cross Connect – CCX was born.

The Codecom Difference

At Codecom, we like to challenge the status quo. While other solutions on the market chose to have cables coming in from the side or back and out through the front, we took a complete front facing approach. Knowing that these products historically were not easy to maintain, we wanted to deliver a product that was designed with long-term ease of adding or removing cables in mind. So we came up with the concept of having an all-in-one panel for streamlined cable management. This meant that isolation of cassettes and identification of ports could now happen very easily. As per our client’s brief, we chose to allow for different varieties (MPO or Splice) to provide absolute flexibility to implement preferred technology.

We were also the first company globally to implement a framework that didn’t focus on 1RU increments. Instead, we choose 1/2RU which allowed for more space for the incoming cables with 1 and 1/2RU below for outgoing. This all in one 6RU chassis enable 14 x 24F cassettes (336F or 168 ports)—meaning we can get 2352F/1176 ports per 45RU.

Another key focus for us in this product was minimising the amount of floor space it occupied. With data centres now so in demand, floor space equals dollars and we wanted every data centre we work with to get the best ROI on their investment.

As a result of the initial brief from our client and our forward-thinking industry focused approach, our unique Cross Connect – CCX solution enables:

  • Low risk operation
  • The ability to use wall space
  • Back to back on 1 floor tile or at end of row in any client cage


This innovative solution is perfect for:

  1. Inter cage connections
  2. Inter floor connections
  3. Inter campus connections
  4. Data Centre MMR application
  5. Client inter connect solutions

By implementing the CCX your data centre, telecommunications network or enterprise data centre suite has a space saving product with total flexibility and minimal risk. Our Codecom Cross Connect – CCX is a unique and a leading-edge solution. We hope you find the video of its development enlightening.