Telecommunications Application


Codecom have designed a range of products suited for global telecommunications requirements. When telecommunications networks are building their points of presence globally or locally, Codecom have a specific range of products that have been tailor made to make these:

A: high density and solve the costs and
B: we want to make them really easy and low risk to deploy.

It’s highly important that these products are specifically designed to meet the customer’s needs, because a lot of telecommunications companies have really old legacy products installed. With the influx of data centers globally, telecommunication networks are becoming really expensive to operate. And what we are trying to do is bring a new age approach to this.

Codecom have built a complete solution, which enables custom built pre-terminated cables to suit active equipment within the telecommunications network. High density top of rack panels and cassettes, a tailored solution, which enables them to get their services through the data centre demarcation frames with ease and efficiency.

It’s been critical that we work with these customers to design our products to fit into their network. A recent example of this is a global network. They were having big troubles with density within their data centre racks and deploying services to the demarcation point.

What we’ve been able to bring is a pre-terminated high density approach. We have been able to maximize the space, we’ve made it really easy to deploy, and we’ve made it scalable.

We believe that working with our customers and partners and utilizing their knowledge as well, we can build an overall solution that’s more tailored.