7 Benefits of Cablelay Matting & Why You Should Use It

cablelay Matting

“What is cablelay matting?” and “What are the benefits of cablelay matting?” are two of the most commonly asked questions we receive from customers.

In a very simple nutshell, cablelay matting is a flexible choice for under-floor or basket tray-based cabling, and is available in a variety of thicknesses. There are myriad benefits to be enjoyed from using this humble product. In fact, we could go on for hours about the benefits of cablelay matting and why you should use it. But, in the interest of efficiency, we will limit ourselves to the seven we believe are the most important.

1. Quick & Easy Installation

To install, simply roll the matting out and tape any joints. Roll lengths are typically between 20-30 metres long, so the number of joints you need to deal with is greatly reduced — saving time and money on installation.

2. Reduced Health & Safety Risks

Cablelay matting is lightweight, easy to handle and has no sharp edges. In fact, the only tool required during installation is a safety-cutting tool.

3. Protects Data Cabling

Cablelay matting protects cables from sharp edges, pressure points and crushing, which may occur in the basket tray or other containment options.

4. Easy to Manoeuvre

To make last minute changes to the cabling route, all you need to do is lift and reposition the matting. This is an extremely valuable feature when delivering a project in a time critical scenario.

5. Supportive Qualities

Cablelay matting helps support the cable to avoid causing pressure across the bars of the cable basket.

6. Easily Adapted

Cablelay matting is adaptable to any length or angle, and can you easily change its direction.

7. Flexibility

It provides significant flexibility, as it can be laid out across an entire sub floor for protection. This is ideal for significant volumes of cables, and routes in a raised floor environment.

For all of the above reasons, and many more, you will find cablelay matting to be a quick, clean, lightweight and easy to install product that is definitely worth considering for your telecommunications or data centres.