Codecom have developed a High-DensitySolution which has been designed for a flexible approach to high fibre count fibre requirements.

This pre-terminated 3RU panel accepts 288F (144 port) LC connections. This panel has 2 x 144F pre terminated tails which is to be run to the High Density 4RU splice enclosure. This panel features standard fibre and ribbon fibre options.

Features & Applications

  • Standard 19” size, can be rack-mounted
  • Available in standard SM and MM options
  • RoHS, Reach compliant
  • Compliant with IEC, TIA/EIA standards
  • Datacentre & Enterprise network
  • Indoor application
  • Telecommunication central office


  • Avg/Max IL – Standard: SM LC/SC: < 0.20/0.30 dB | MM LC/SC: < 0.18/0.30 dB
  • Return loss (PC/APC): SM LC/SC: > 60/65dB | MM LC/SC: NA
  • Avg/Max IL– Premium: SM LC/SC: < 0.12/0.15 dB | MM LC/SC: < 0.12/0.15 dB
  • Return loss (PC/APC): SM LC/SC: > 60 dB | MM LC/SC: NA

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