19” Rack Mount Cable Slack Management Storage Tray for Patchcords both Fibre or Copper.

Codecom Cable Slack Management & Storage Tray provides a secure and accessible solution for the correct organisation of excess and additional cables. The Slide out tray allows for better access and support when routing cables. Bend Radius protection is carefully managed via radius guides on entry via the Left & Right-Hand sides and the use of two internal cable management spools.

We recommend cables are secured individually via the use of any number of the tie down points provided throughout the panel as this helps to maintain bend radius requirements and minimises cables becoming entangled. Accommodates various lengths of patchcord or patch leads.

Features and benefits

  • Dual Access – both Left & Right Hand side of Panel
  • Cable Management Spools for routing
  • Accommodates a variety of cable lengths
  • Enclosed for cable Protection
  • Slide Out for easy access to Cable Management Spools
  • Front Protective Cover
  • Multiple Velcro Cable Tie points available to assist with routing
  • Fibre Bend Radius Protection


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