Codecom are to release the CCX V2.0. We are focused at improving our solutions and have redesigned the CCX to enable the following;

  1. Easier operation; We have designed new plastic cassettes to enable great spacing between connectors. Easier to add and remove and minimising risk.
  2. Plastic cable management fingers; we have a focus to soften our solutions and provide more bend sensitive cable management systems. Here we have designed a new cable management finger solution.
  3. Increased bend radius inside the cassette; by redesigning the cassette we have enabled greater room and bend radius within the cassette, this making splicing easier.
  4. Lighter; We have move towards a strong plastic cassette, we maintain the strength, but we reduce the weight of the overall solution, meaning easier install.

Our focus on improvement

  1. Operation
  2. Installation
  3. Cable Management
  4. Weight
  5. Design

Our Product Road Map is designed to enhance the overall operation of the CCX. This product is unique to the fact it was designed with a focus on NO RISK/NO MOVING PARTS. Now we have really worked on enhancing the design to enable easier operation and the panel to be improved with the new cable management being plastic and smoother bends to improve the way the fibre is managed within the panel for the life of the product.


A range of products are available for immediate supply via our online shop.

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