Innovative and Intuitive data centres solutions

Improve productivity, streamline systems and deliver consistently high-speed data.

Flawless data centre systems for large-scale operations

Futureproof your business with our high-density data centre systems and cable management solutions.

In today’s hyper-connected digital economy, data is serious business. To deliver to the consistently high standard consumers demand, your data centre systems need to be supported by robust infrastructure and flexible products that safeguard your network for future upgrades. Our structured cabling products and data centre systems will see your business harness the power of optimized volume and efficiency that keep data moving at flawless speed. All Codecom products offer high-density fibre termination and are entirely tailored to suit your unique needs.

Our customisable data centre systems and products include:

fibre cabling, fibre termination, MPO, MTP, LC/LCA/SCA/SC, QSFP, multi core cables, splicing, pigtails, high density pre-terminated cables, fixed fibre panels, MPO/MTP cassettes, high-density splicing, high density MPO/MTP

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Empowering businesses with unique solutions

With a focus on innovation, support and meeting in-time demand, our approach to enterprise data centre systems and solutions is not like other companies.

You will find our team have a clear mandate to listen, and to understand precisely what your business needs to achieve. With flexibility also a key focus, we want to empower businesses with network cabling solutions that guarantee optimal quality and performance, as well as supporting future upgrades. We bring innovation, ingenuity and expertise to each and every project. If we don’t have a ready-made data centre system or solution that suits your needs, we’ll work with you to develop one.

The Codecom difference

  • High quality: we use only the best components
  • Low risk: no moving parts & integrated cable management
  • Flexibility: splice, pre-term or MPO options
  • Modular: cassette-based solutions
  • Lead times: quick turnaround from our global warehouses and distribution partners
  • Customization: we can customize solutions to meet your needs
  • Support: premium engineers on hand for all your questions