An overview of MPO cable assemblies

MPO cable assemblies, often referred to as MTP cable assemblies, are high performing cables that achieve the ultimate in high density to withstand the most demanding network requirements. Considering network demands are only increasing and the further reliance on cloud computing and big data, they’re a solid choice for a variety of high density data centre applications. It’s been predicted that MPO/MTP cable assembly products will eventually flood data centres around the world. And why wouldn’t they? The fibre density available in one small connector means that they’re suitable for endless possibilities.

MPO cable assemblies can be used for things like:

  • Recovery
  • Easy setup of new wiring hubs
  • Repairing plug and play universal systems
  • Constructing fibre option distribution
  • Parallel optical interconnections between servers
  • Backbones

They offer data centres and telecommunications networks the following benefits.

  • High density: Considering their size, the MPO cable assemblies pack a mighty density punch cutting rack space and saving in circuit card.
  • Rapid deployment: As MPO cable assemblies are factory terminated, they are ready to go and can reduce installation time by up to 75%.
  • Scalability: providing ease for future expansion and quick, effortless system reconfiguration when required.
  • Cost effective: with their reduced installation time comes a solid cost cut as you’re not paying a premium for a qualified professional to spend hours getting it ready for you.

Here’s a little rundown on the MPO cable assembly options we have available at Codecom.

MTP/MPO fibre cable assemblies

Terminated on each end, the MTP/MPO fibre cable assemblies can help to reduce cable volume and overheating in data centres. With an easy plug and play design they can be incorporated within an application and be ready to go instantly which radically cuts down installation time. Plus, they don’t need to be terminated in the field which pays off in both time and energy. We have options to suit different density requirements.

MTP/MPO fanout cable assemblies

Our MTP/MPO fanout cable assemblies offer high density connections. Breaking out into discrete single ferrule connectors, they optimise performance with their low insertion losses. They allow for easy troubleshooting and reconfiguration through moves, changes and additions. Available in micro cable, single or double jacket options and with a variety of connector options, they’re perfect for a multitude of applications.