Futureproofing data centres: why cabling matters the most

There is an ever-growing demand for data which is putting increasing pressure on data centres to keep up. Quality cabling is the answer. By 2020, it is predicted that there will be in excess of 20 billion connected devices globally. Consumers are demanding greater capacities at faster speeds. However, space comes at a premium and data centres can’t continue to keep consuming real estate. Cabling therefore becomes the linchpin that hold data capacity and capability together. Here are three key reasons why data centre cabling is the key to futureproofing your network.

1. Making space for The Internet of Things (IoT)

Move over plain old Internet, The Internet of Things (IoT) is taking control and this is already adding pressure to data centre cabling. Smart TVs, fridges, coffee machines, headphones, watches and lamps (amongst other things—such as jet engines) have joined mobile phones and computers in the connection party. And the list of devices being ‘networked’ will only continue to grow. Essentially, anything that can be connected—will be.

2. Tomorrow’s mobile networks will demand even more

In the scheme of things, we’re not that far away from the 5G mobile network. So not only do data centres need to optimise their cabling networks to handle IoT applications, they also need to ensure they can handle the efficiency upgrades of the new mobile applications and associated data. This will only continue to become more critical as time goes on.

3. What about cloud computing and virtualisation?

Continuous developments to technology will also continue to put pressure on data centres and cabling efficacy. Server virtualisation and cloud computing are already in operation and will become bigger players in the future since they dramatically increase the capabilities of the servers and streamline the consumer experience respectively. Scaling will become increasingly important as cabling solutions in future data centres may need to support up to 3072 fibres per chassis.

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