Infrastructure Masons arrives in Australia

Leading industry association Infrastructure Masons launched in Australia last week, with several kick-off events on the Gold Coast.

As part of Codecom’s involvement with this successful global initiative, we were proud to host senior iMasons members, along with some of Australia’s great minds of the Digital Infrastructure industry, at the first of many Food for Thought Dinners that will form part of the ongoing iMasons Australia event program.

Introduction to iMasons

iMasons is a member-based organisation providing infrastructure executives and technical professionals an independent forum to connect, grow and give back. Dedicated to the advancement of the industry and their fellow members, iMasons empower business and personal use of digital infrastructure to better the economy, environment and society.

Founded by Dean Nelson in 2016, the organisation has grown to over 2,000 participating with a collective responsibility for over $150 billion in infrastructure projects across 130 countries.

Helping Narrow the Talent Gap

One of the most pressing concerns facing our professional community is the talent gap. There simply aren’t enough people to fill the positions required to maintain the industry’s current growth. These positions exist at all levels, from data centre technicians, to engineers, network administrators and full-stack infrastructure managers.

To help address this gap, iMasons run a scholarship program to encourage and support the development of people in the industry. They offer scholarships to high-quality training and education programs focused on preparing people to enter, succeed and move up in the digital infrastructure industry.

At the recent Food for Thought dinner on the Gold Coast, Codecom announced that we would be contributing $5k to the Scholarship Fund, for the benefit of people like Parastoo Amin – an Australian recipient who is currently completing scholarship-funded doctorate research at RMIT.

The iMasons Scholarship Fund is currently open to applications.

Food for Thought Dinners

Food for Thought dinners provide a forum for members to connect and engage in meaningful discussion with their industry peers. Attendees are invited to ‘leave your company at the door’ and take advantage of the opportunity to build new connections, gain new knowledge and generate scholarship fund contributions.

Please keep an eye on both Codecom and iMasons on LinkedIn for details of future events.

We are excited to be a part of such a proactive and positive industry initiative.

Feel free to email us or visit the iMasons website if you would like to join or get involved.