The lowdown on fibre optic patch panels

Managing your cables is one of the most important aspects of an efficient and well-designed network. Fibre optic patch panels are a cost effective and user-friendly option to help streamline your cables.

What do fibre optic patch panels do?

Patch panels are used to distribute and systematise optical cables and branches that provide an organised and secure compartment to contain splice units and connectors while allowing managers to easily terminate cable elements as well as allow for quick and efficient installations, repairs and replacements. Additionally, fibre optic patch panels help to reduce wire clutter during set up and long term operation.

What kinds of fibre optic patch panels are there?

There are numerous fibre optic patch panel products around, although they tend to fit either in the rack or wall mount fibre patch panel category. Check out the selection we’ve designed and carry in stock, however, remember we can also tailor all solutions to meet your unique requirements.

What do you need to consider before choosing a fibre optic patch panel?


Consider height, width, depth and weight requirements as this will establish which type of patch panel you need. We highly recommend choosing a larger panel to cater for future growth.

Loaded or unloaded?

A loaded fibre optic patch panel will curtail initial installation time but as loaded panels are usually mounted permanently, problems can arise if one of the ports gets damaged as it impacts the useability of the entire panel. Unloaded panels take a lot longer to install but they are more flexible and allow you to switch out any faulty ports as they die.


A data centre’s requirements for better density never abates and fibre optic patch panels grow with this in mind. If you’re unsure what the most suitable option is for your needs, we can talk you through the options.

Contact us today to learn more about the fibre optic patch panel products and which is best for you.