Using Elite MTP Connectors

Structured cabling fibre solution

At Codecom, we’re always looking for creative new ways to ensure your data cabling network is providing you with a market-leading edge. Future planning and being aware of industry changes and developments are just some of the ways we help you do this.

In the current industry landscape, and with the push from 1G to 10G/40G, there is a real focus on loss budget within a data centre. This means explain what it is first and then how to combat it… working to develop a future map of the data centre and allowing for migration, is vital.

Understanding where the data centre is heading can enable loss budget to be calculated. This allows for future migration to higher speeds without having to overhaul the structured cabling within the data centre.

As 1G it is a low loss connector, the high performance MTP connector is used specifically in data centres where optical budget demands are high. Low loss Elite MTP features low insertion loss for demanding high-speed networks where power budgets are critical.

So basically, the elite MTP connectors via Codecom ensure that the latest next generation multi-fibre solutions are available to you and fully supported.