Codecom CCX – Installation

Codecom CCX - Installation Video

This is an installation video which will demonstrate the various stages of splicing a high fibre count cable into the CCX.

IMPORTANT: It is critical that all parts and fibres are cleaned prior to installation

Stage one:

Running the high density cable into the rack. It’s important to feed the cable through carefully, please note to have enough length to be able to feed the tails into each cassette.

Stage two:

Mounting the breakout module.
You need to unscrew the four screws on top of the Fobot and detach the cable entry punch outs. You need to route the cable in, and be sure to measure enough cable length to ensure the tails can reach the chassis and cassettes.

Stage three:

Once the cable is secured, strip the cable down to individual tubes to be routed into each protective tube.

Stage four:

Mount the 6RU chassis in the allocated space.

Stage five:

Route the individual tubes, and measure the tubes to the cassettes. It is really important that you have enough slack to be able to reach each individual cassette.

Stage six:

Prepare the cassettes for splicing. Firstly unscrew the five screws. Second, un-loom the pigtails. Third, route the protective tube with the 24 Fibre into the cable clamp. Fifth, secure the cable clamp into the slot of the cassette. Sixth, measure and cut all tails to length. Seven, splice. Eight, reroute the cables back into the cassette, be sure that you focus on not breaking the bend radius and routing the cables into the cassette correctly. Close the cassette.

Stage seven:

Route the cassette into the slot and secure the cable tubes into the above cable manager.