Codecom CCX – Ribbon Fibre Installation

Codecom CCX - Ribbon Fibre Installation Video

This video will demonstrate how to splice into the CCX 24 fibre ribbon splice cassette.

IMPORTANT: It is critical that all parts and fibres are cleaned prior to installation

Stage one:

Route the 24 fiber cable into the rack.

Stage two:

Measure the cable to length for splice.

Stage three:

Open the cassette and un-loom the tails carefully being aware of not breaking the bend radius.

Stage four:

Route the cable into the cable gland.

Stage five:

Strip the cable and measure the tails to length ready for splicing.

Stage six:

Prepare the cable and splice.

Stage seven:

Loom the splice tails back into the cassette being careful not to break the bend radius and routing incorrectly.

Stage eight:

Close the cassette and screw in the five screws.

Stage nine:

Route the cassette into the allocated slot and then route the cables into the above cable management and insert the protective cover.