Codecom: fibre optic and data centre solutions

Recently, we engaged Bizvideo to help us tell our story. It was a process that forced us to dig deep internally to discover new ways to clearly communicate our purpose. Codecom’s vision is to shake up the fibre optic termination market with a view to become the global leader in designing and supplying innovative fibre termination and data centre solutions. Our purpose is to help businesses to deliver their services in a more efficient, innovative and cost-effective way. Our focus from day one has always been to create products that make a difference to how our customers are able to operate their businesses. This underpins everything we do. Quite simply, we exist to enable our customers to implement quality, effortless and cutting-edge fibre optic and data centre solutions that improve the way their cabling is done. Here’s what we stand for.


This is what we guarantee. We work with the world’s best and they expect a lot. At the bare minimum our fibre optic products and data centre solutions have to do what we say they’re going to do. However, we have always wanted more than this for ourselves and for our customers. At a time when an influx of lower-end cheaper solutions flooded the market, we distinguished ourselves by focusing on only using the best components. They’re tried and tested solutions you can rely on—again and again.


We want our fibre optic products and data centre solutions to be simple and user-friendly. To us, this means low risk to install, operate and manage, now and in the long term. We take the time to understand how people use and operate products to create a range of products that bring back the beauty of simplicity.


In such a dynamic industry we are continuously challenged by our customers to make fibre optic products and data centre solutions that are more suited to the here and now. It’s critical that we employ flexibility and maintain the ability to change and adapt to suit our customer’s needs and this is something we work continuously to do.

The proof is in the product

There are so many words and promises in this world—and so few people who follow through with the goods. At Codecom what we do is let our products do the talking. From designing cables, data centre solutions and 1RU top of rack panels to high density cross connect frames, we offer a truly unique range of products. We see the most success when we get our products in the hands of our customers and allow them to see the quality and the overall design.

Sharing our story is something we have always wanted to do. We hope it allows people to truly understand who we are and why we do what we do. 2019 is going to be a great year and we hope we can help your business achieve its connectivity goals.