Codecom Rack Solutions


Codecom have a wide range of products designed for in-rack applications.

From one RU medium density, to high density solutions, QSFP breakout panels and cassettes, customized pre-terminated cables, which we can have designed to meet your active equipment port layout. What we really want to do is maximize the space within these racks, and our solutions are designed to work with our slim line racks. So enabling space, which was previously unused, for example, against the wall or end of the row, we now enable our customers to maximize their real estate.

The industry, we believe, has lent towards maximizing density, but what we want to do at Codecom is focus on operation. What we’re trying to do is to bring an easy to operate in rack solution. Codecom are focused on taking away the pain of 4,000 gig and 400 gig breakout. We also have fixed panels with no moving parts which have a combination of front access and back access.

Depending on the call count, we can have a panel mirror the exact active device deployed. With one of our recent customers, we identified that they had a problem with maximizing the space within their rack, but we also found that it was really hard for them to install and operate the products installed. So what we didn’t want to do, we didn’t want to make it more difficult or risky for our customer to operate or install our solutions in their rack. So what we’ve done is we’ve taken this problem away. We’ve given them a solution that maximizes the density, it makes it very easy for them to deploy, and it makes it really easy for them to operate these panels long term, which has enabled them to deploy these services to their critical infrastructure with ease.