Codecom Structured Cabling Solutions – Pulse Data Centre

Codecom and Pulse Data Centre (Pulse DC) have partnered together to implement a leading edge, premium structured cabling solution for the first regional Tier 3 Data Centre in Australia located in Toowoomba. Working together from day one, the clear objective was to implement the highest-grade structured cabling solution, whilst future planning for the long-term operation of the solution.

The Codecom Difference

Codecom have a long history working with the world’s leading data centre co-location providers.

With Codecom having such a deep understanding on how to successfully design and implement a structured cabling solution, it enabled Pulse to implement a solution with the following benefits:

  1. High Grade/Low Loss components: With Pulses’ remote location, loss was understandably a big concern. We use the highest grade glass along with elite/premium grade low loss connectors to ensure that latency is not affected by the connection points.
  2. Low Risk: Ensuring low risk across the board is a clear Codecom focus. The addition and removal of cables is important in any cross connect frame, and our Codecom CCX 2.0 has been designed with this in mind. As innovators in front access design, we create solutions that have no moving parts and are easy to operate which significantly reduces risk
  3. Lead Times: Codecom’s fast-term manufacturing allows for custom cables to be made on an as needs basis and meet Pulse delivery expectations. The Codecom solution is designed to be completed utilising our quick turn around manufacturing capabilities. Initial cap-ex outlay is reduced because you can populate the solution on an as needs basis.
  4. Customisation: No two customers’ needs are the same, so key to our design is the ability to add and remove features. We customised our system to allow Pulse to serve their customers utilising a frugal approach to cabling. Since nothing is wasted, Pulse customers benefit in the long run.
  5. Space Saving: Codecom have designed the CCX 2.0 to fit into a 300mm deep rack (half a floor tile) with our solution being front access only this allows a huge space saving opportunity for Pulse.
  6. Rapid Deployment: Codecom have the ability to manufacture and deliver custom-made cables within 7-10 days and supply large scale deployments within 3-4 weeks. Speedy deployment was vital to Pulse and one of the key selection criteria.

The Challenge

Working together with Pulse DC General Manager of Data Centres in initial phases of the project, Codecom were set these very clear objectives for the solution we have delivered.

“Cross connects are a real pain point for customers at some data centres. At Pulse DC we wanted to provide a flexible and cost-effective solution for cross connects to our customers. This meant that the system had be superior in design, intuitive and able to be quickly installed on demand. Importantly it must be consistently reliable and not compromise on attenuation or quality. For our customers, high quality, long term reliability and low loss are not negotiable. The solution delivers on the high standards required by our customers and has minimised cost for Pulse DC with a flexible design that allow for on demand deployment. 100% SLA is now expected by our data centre clients, our fibre infrastructure is no different.”
— John Henderson – General Manager Pulse DC.

The Solutions

Codecom CCX 2.0

The Codecom CCX 2.0 solution is very unique. This front facing solution has been designed to maximise space within the data centre without compromising on ease of operation.

By allowing segregation of incoming and outgoing fibres, and with no moving or confusing ordering requirements for parts, this simple and effective cross connect solution is simple to operate and low risk. This is key to customers of any data centre having complete confidence in their capabilities to deliver reliable data solutions.

The CCX is designed to fit within our 300mm deep rack enabling Pulse to either put these against a wall or run them back-to-back on one floor tile within the MMR suite. Various demarcation points within each suite enables us to meet the requirement for quick deployment of cross connects when requested by Pulse customers and allows for very easy tie to both carriers and customers. With easy to access connectors and the utilisation of our flexible MPO/splice cassettes this solution is a clear market leader.


The in-rack CMD ensures customers have a panel that allows for high density (46port – 96F) but also guarantees easy operation and access to the panels. Developed specifically to meet customer needs and create flexibility , our 1RU solution is incredibly easy to deploy.

Our Commitment to Innovation

Codecom are believers in really listening and collaborating with our customers. Pulse has an industry leading Operations team who, between them have a lifetime of knowledge in running data centres.

This for Codecom is key to our business strategy, consistently working with the best companies in the market to ensures we deliver agile, flexible and innovative solutions that are always evolving.

We focus on developing products that buck the industry trends by delivering on density. Codecom design engineers worked with the experts from the Pulse team to further advance our design in a way that allowed for significant improvements in fibre segregation and expansion capabilities. Additionally, we worked with DC/Facilities Manager Kevyn Dick to develop our ODF racks in such a way as to enable easier connection between racks.

“Pulse DC uses Codecom 45RU 1200mmx 300mm Main Distribution Frames as the standard distribution frame throughout the data centre. To achieve a high capacity installation in a smaller footprint, Pulse DC worked with Codecom’s design engineers to improve their design to allow for improved fibre segregation and greater expansion capabilities. Codecom’s professionalism and excellent service demonstrated to Pulse DC their ongoing commitment to work with our data centre team to continuously improve and evolve their excellent products.”
— Kevyn Dick Facilities Services Manager

Pulse DC have a clear strategy to implement leading edge solutions throughout their Data Centre which is why this data centre will be successful. Pulse DC only deploys the best, highest grade components which ensures their customers know that they are getting the best of the best solutions and support which is exactly what Codecom have delivered for this project.

“Pulse DC demands high standards of our deployed infrastructure. Robust, premium grade hardware components and low loss connections in our structured cabling enable Pulse DC We chose Codecom’s Premium Grade LC and Elite Low Loss MPO cassettes to meet our standard of minimal loss and maximum uptime throughout our facility. Achieving sub-2ms point to point from a rack in our Toowoomba facility to Brisbane Central using Codecom’s infrastructure meets that goal.”
— Kevyn Dick – Facility Services Manager Pulse DC.


For Pulse DC, minimal loss to ensure lowest latency back to their customers’ communications hubs was an integral focus that had to be met by the structured cabling solution.

By implementing only the highest-grade components delivered by Codecom, they have achieved a leading-edge structured cabling solution. 100% uptime is also a vital component of a Tier 3 Data Centre and this is another feature Codecom were able to deliver on. With no moving parts and all front access, the Codecom CCX has allowed a high-density structured cabling solution with minimal operation risk.

Together, Codecom and Pulse DC have achieved what we believe is the most leading edge structured cabling solution available. Codecom look forward to Pulse DC customers experiencing what we know is a world class Data Centre.