Structured Cabling Solutions


Structured cabling is the internal network within the data centre, and it allows customers to connect to their cloud providers, service providers, while it also allows interconnection between the data centres’ internal clients, and this is called their ecosystem. 

Codecom have been focused on developing a structured cabling solution which is low risk. This means no moving parts, so the technicians who are working with these products can add and remove services in a quick manner, but they also don’t run the risk of damaging any other services.

We work with many global data centre providers to implement structured cabling. This is really important now because everything’s so time-critical. And with the increasing connection, congestion within the data centre is becoming really important. We’ve worked with our customers to create structured cabling solutions that enable them to deploy these products in different parts of the data centre and utilize unused real estate. Also, the ability to run their connections directly to their customers [inaudible 00:01:07].

Speaker 1:
We have a wide range of products which are designed to manage the fibre correctly and easily. Data centres now have a constant challenge of meeting in time demand, but at the same time, they’re trying to get more customers in the same space. What our experience is that we’re trying to save our customers real estate and space, but we’re also trying to enable our solutions to be deployed easily across the data centre. Simple, effective product solutions.