What makes a good Fibre Solution?


With the increase of fibre being used in different cabling applications, it can sometimes be difficult to identify the exact products you require to suit your set-up.

At Codecom, we provide turn-key fibre optic cabling solutions including:

  • Fibre Termination
  • MTP Products
  • Fibre Ducting
  • Cleaning Products
  • Multi Core Cables
  • Patch Cords
  • Fibre Management

We’ll work with you to identify exactly what solutions you need; not just for today but for the future too.

We can also:

  • Provide you with technical support and local design capabilities, allowing for customised products to suit particular applications
  • Provide you with in-depth understanding of what our products are and where they’ve come from.
  • Work on future mapping plans from 10G to 40G/100G
  • Understand polarity methods for 40G and 100G
  • Help you understand the key differences between Polarity Method A, B and C and advise which method best suits you
  • Provide you with training on a wide range of different fibres and the benefits of using each solution for different applications

Contact Codecom to find out more about good fibre solutions for your cabling.